The IVS Acrom is an outstanding picture quality real-time Chroma Keyer developed especially for the new generation of virtual studios and augmented graphics solutions.

The modularity and client-server architecture enables the IVS Acrom to operate as a stand-alone device or as a DLL based Chroma Key engine together with Camera Tracking, Render Engine and Play-out server modules forming a complete virtual studio solution.
Thanks to its high-performance algorithm the IVS Acrom can be used in 4K and 8k solutions.

Why is the IVS Acrom a software based solution?
IVS Acrom is optimized to use GPU for its unique algorithms
Easy to integrate with depth keying and camera tracking solutions



  • Client – Server operation
  • Advanced chroma keyer with unique algorithm
  • Modular software with easy integration and implementation
  • GPU accelerated full floating point ARGB pipeline
  • Wizard for getting the best keying parameters
  • Adjustable mask inner/outer softness
  • Works up to 2160p without significant delay (processing latency is less than 10ms)
  • Easy edge spill removal
  • Easy to use with recorded videos and stills pictures, integrated file-based playout
  • Works with all common studio VR, AR setups
  • Passthrough without processing time
  • Can handle up to 8 channels in one workstation
  • Integrated zTrack marker-based camera tracking from zLense (option), other track solutions can be integrated
  • Licensing fee is based on the number of camera feeds
  • Supports IP video: NDI and direct-to-card inputs and outputs
  • Bluefish, AJA, Blackmagic support
  • Works with interlaced and progressive videos
  • Adjustable noise filter for small sensor industrial cameras, PTZ cameras
  • Adjustable mask and image filtering after key-generation
  • Adjustable key-generator mask
  • Mask transformation based on camera tracking information
  • Drop shadow elimination function
  • Template based operation


  • Video switcher and router integration
  • Virtual studio functionality
  • zLense depth processing integration
  • JL Cooper Remote control / controller pad
  • Pan and Tilt Head integration