IVS Elections

Since 2006 we at Akatona Technologies have been actively participating in broadcasting Local Governmental Elections, Hungarian Parliamentary Elections and European Parliamentary Elections.
We offer complete solutions within the following fields:

– Planning Stage
– Electoral Data Management
– Production Management System Set-up
– Operation services during election night

Planning Stage

We offer complete solutions ranging from simple, straightforward 2D Data Transfers to state of the art Augmented Graphics Technologies. As well we can provide assistance in the design of templates to the electoral graphic.


Electoral Data Management

This block manages the availability of official electoral data sets. This data can be imported from FTP accounts, official websites or web services. The data download can be automatic and – in case of emergencies such as broken data connection, etc. – manual. The system might contain the results of the previous elections providing the possibility for further analytics.

Production Management System Set-up

This block manages and visualizes the incoming Electoral Data and additional Metadata. It has several preset and as well it provides the flexibility for user definition.

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