IVS SerCon MOS Playout

The function of IVS SerCon MOS Gateway and Studio Playout software is to control the video and CG servers and prompters connecting to the Octopus NRCS. IVS SerCon offers a professional solution for anyone who wants to set up a robust and reliable playout to News and live products.

The very popular Octopus NewsRoom system is among the market leaders in the NRCS business. Our IVS ControllerServer connects to its running-order as a gateway and control the Rohde & Schwarz Venice videoserver in it’s native mode or other video servers via VDCP. As for the CG direction it can control the IVS CG family, but other 3rd party CG products aswell.
It offers 4 channels for live productions. These can connect more running orders, and in every channel you can position and trimm the video. It’s possible to change the order of the items in the run-down both from our IVS or from the Octopus in real-time.

The connected video server’s state is controlled by our IVS SerCon. The IVS SerCon manages the placeholders and videos. Furthermore, you can check the state of the play-out from Octopus.

ivs sercon features

  • Octopus newsroom running-order management for playout and status feedback
  • MOS connection with Rohde& Schwarz Venice video server and CG Server(s)
  • Multiple Venice server device controlling
  • Multiple channel controll at same time
  • SDI switcher&router controll from UI (option)
  • Server / Client processing
  • Complete CG solution with controlling CG elements
  • Separate or unified CG & Video management
  • Automatic video list editing from Octopus
  • Test mode capability (feedback off)
  • Venice storage capacity display, optional autodelete capability
  • Custom-setup, modular User Interface
  • MOS 2.8 protocol
  • Internal database
  • Client number restriction
  • Video approvesolutionfor NEWS and PRODUCTION
  • Placeholder, RO management

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